Pricing for translations


The price is right and the costs are low

Translation work is a very intensive work and I charge by the hour for my translation work, as these prices – unlike word or line prices – reflect the actual work involved, including research. You will benefit from a professional, German SEO – translation with a personal service. If you have a larger project or are looking for a long-term cooperation, I can offer you flexible hourly packages at a discounted price or a fixed monthly fee. Let’s have a chat!


For the small budgets. This deal includes German translations of a general nature without any specific requirements. Examples of these are: Blogs, product descriptions, proofreading and editing etc.



You will receive a German SEO friendly translations including any given keywords and/or only
on-page SEO
of an existing content. Examples of these are: AMAZON SEO, subtitles, websites, product descriptions etc.


Your whole website will be complete translated into German, inclusive on-page SEO. It includes content writing matching your layouts, with keywords, Google Ads, meta description, mails etc.

Let’s make one thing clear! The prices are right and I do love my translation work – especially when it’s online. I am open for every website content – no matter what! So, if you want to launch your website in Germany or you would like a SEO-friendly text, then you’ll get in touch with me!

Marketing Translations

  • Copywriter
  • Google Ads
  • SEO Optimization
  • Articles and Blogs

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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